Summer Business Trends in British Columbia: A Season of Growth and Innovation

This summer, British Columbia (BC) is experiencing a vibrant business landscape characterized by innovation, growth, and sustainability. From burgeoning startups to the thriving tourism industry, here are some of the most interesting business trends and developments shaping BC this season.

Tech Innovation and Startups

BC, particularly Vancouver, continues to be a hub for tech innovation and startups. This summer, the tech scene is bustling with new ventures and groundbreaking projects, supported by a robust ecosystem of accelerators, incubators, and venture capital.

Notable Developments:

  • Rise of AI Startups: Companies focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining traction. Startups like Sanctuary AI and AbCellera are making significant strides in their respective fields​ (Daily Hive Vancouver)​​ (REM – Real Estate Magazine Canada)​.
  • Tech Accelerators: Programs such as Launch Academy and Creative Destruction Lab are fostering innovation and helping startups scale, providing mentorship and resources to budding entrepreneurs​ (Daily Hive Vancouver)​.

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability remains a critical focus for businesses in BC. Companies are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, driven by consumer demand and regulatory incentives.

Key Initiatives:

  • Green Building Projects: Vancouver is seeing a rise in green construction projects that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable materials. The city’s commitment to becoming the greenest city by 2025 is driving this trend​ (CBRE)​.
  • Corporate Sustainability Programs: Many businesses are implementing sustainability programs, such as waste reduction initiatives and carbon offset projects, to minimize their environmental impact​ (CBRE)​.

Tourism Industry Recovery

The tourism industry in BC is rebounding strongly this summer, following the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased travel activity and the return of major events are fueling this recovery.


  • Record Visitor Numbers: Tourist destinations like Whistler, Victoria, and the Okanagan Valley are reporting record numbers of visitors, drawn by the region’s natural beauty and outdoor activities​ (REM – Real Estate Magazine Canada)​.
  • Major Events: Events such as the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and the Celebration of Light fireworks competition are attracting both locals and tourists, boosting the local economy​ (CBRE)​.

Small Business Growth

Small businesses are the backbone of BC’s economy, and this summer, they are thriving with the support of local communities and government initiatives.

Support Programs:

  • Shop Local Campaigns: Initiatives encouraging residents to support local businesses are proving successful, helping small businesses recover and grow​ (Daily Hive Vancouver)​​ (REM – Real Estate Magazine Canada)​.
  • Government Grants: Programs such as the Small and Medium-Sized Business Recovery Grant are providing financial assistance to businesses affected by the pandemic, enabling them to innovate and expand​ (Daily Hive Vancouver)​.

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