Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight the unparalleled lifestyle of the Greater Vancouver area through curated content that celebrates its unique culture, innovative real estate, gastronomic excellence, and trendsetting styles. GVA 360 Digital serves as a platform for discovery, inspiration, and engagement, bridging communities and fostering a deeper appreciation for the city’s dynamic lifestyle.

Digital Advertising Solutions
Understanding the evolving landscape of media consumption, GVA 360 Digital offers comprehensive digital advertising solutions. Our platform provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a discerning audience through targeted ads, sponsored content, and interactive features that complement our flippable digital magazine. By leveraging the power of both our tangible and digital presence, advertisers can connect with consumers in meaningful ways, driving engagement and results.

What Sets Us Apart
Innovative Content Delivery: Through our flippable digital magazine and interactive website, we offer a unique, engaging way to experience Vancouver’s lifestyle.

Synergy Between Print and Digital: Our digital offerings enhance the value of our tangible magazine, providing a comprehensive view of Vancouver that is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Quality Focused: Every piece of content on GVA 360 Digital is meticulously curated to ensure it meets our high standards, reflecting the premium lifestyle of our readers.

Community Driven: We are more than just a magazine or a website; we are a community of Vancouver enthusiasts, sharing stories that inspire, inform, and connect.