Exploring British Columbia: Top Voyages to Embark On This Summer

This summer, British Columbia (BC) offers a wealth of exciting voyage opportunities that highlight its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse outdoor activities. From scenic coastal routes to adventurous eco-tourism, here are some of the most interesting travel experiences to enjoy in BC this season.

Scenic Coastal Voyages

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BC’s stunning coastline is best explored by sea, and this summer, BC Ferries provide an excellent means to discover the beauty of the region’s islands and coastal towns. The ferries not only offer transportation but also a chance to soak in the majestic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Top Routes:

  • Vancouver to Victoria: This iconic route offers picturesque views of the Gulf Islands and Strait of Georgia, making it a perfect start to your island adventures​ (DH Vancouver)​.
  • Sunshine Coast: Travel from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale and explore the charming communities and natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast​ (REM)​.

Adventure Voyages and Outdoor Activities

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BC is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering numerous adventure voyages that cater to thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike.

Key Activities:

  • Kayaking in the Broken Group Islands: This archipelago in Barkley Sound is a kayaker’s dream, with its serene waters, diverse marine life, and scenic campsites​ (CBRE)​.
  • Whale Watching in Telegraph Cove: Embark on a whale-watching voyage from this historic village to see orcas, humpbacks, and other marine mammals up close​ (REM)​.
  • Hiking the West Coast Trail: For the ultimate adventure, tackle the legendary West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, known for its rugged terrain and stunning coastal vistas​ (DH Vancouver)​.

Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Voyages

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Sustainability is a growing focus in BC’s travel industry, with many eco-tourism options that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Sustainable Voyages:

  • Great Bear Rainforest: Explore one of the world’s largest temperate rainforests, home to the rare white Kermode bear (spirit bear) and rich Indigenous cultures. Eco-tours offer guided trips that emphasize conservation and cultural respect​ (DH Vancouver)​​ (CBRE)​.
  • Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve: This remote archipelago offers a blend of cultural heritage and pristine wilderness. Eco-friendly voyages provide opportunities for wildlife viewing, kayaking, and learning about Haida heritage​ (REM)​.

Cultural and Historical Voyages

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BC’s rich cultural history is woven into its landscapes, offering travelers a chance to connect with the region’s diverse heritage through immersive experiences.

Cultural Highlights:

  • Haida Gwaii: Known as the “Islands of the People,” Haida Gwaii offers a profound cultural voyage with opportunities to visit ancient totem poles, traditional villages, and local artists​ (DH Vancouver)​.
  • Gold Rush Trail: Follow the historic Gold Rush Trail from New Westminster to Barkerville, exploring the history of the 19th-century gold rush that shaped the province​ (CBRE)​.
  • Indigenous Cultural Tours: Participate in tours led by Indigenous guides that offer insights into traditional knowledge, storytelling, and contemporary Indigenous life​ (REM)​.

This summer, voyages in British Columbia promise a mix of natural beauty, adventure, cultural enrichment, and sustainability. Whether you’re navigating the coastal waters, exploring the wilderness, or delving into the region’s rich history, BC offers a diverse array of travel experiences that cater to all interests.

For the latest updates and detailed itineraries, keep an eye on travel guides, local tourism websites, and eco-tourism operators. Embrace the summer with a voyage that captures the essence of British Columbia’s unparalleled beauty and vibrant culture.


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